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Smt. Motiben B. Dalvi Hospital & Ramesh Tulsiani Annexe & Medical Research Centre is run by the People’s Medical Relief Society founded in 1946 & registered in 1949. In respect of subject matter, we would like to submit the following & request you to consider our submission on sympathetic basis:

Background :

Mumbai is well equipped with large general hospital possessing specialty & super speciality medical facilities. Whether these hospitals are government run, M.C.G.M. run or privately managed, yet the fact remains that they all fall short of the immense demand of ever growing population for medical relief. Late Dr. A.D. Ranganekar founder of society had a great human approach towards suffering of his patients. It was he, who conceived an idea of model hospital which will be run with a missionary zeal by social workers by bringing in the human touch in Patient – Doctor relationship.

Today poor and lower income groups with their meagre means can hardly afford to look up to private hospitals and nursing homes which mainly cater to the needs of the upper class. The middle class people desire some comforts and are prepared to pay for the same they want to avoid inconvenience of already overcrowded charitable general hospitals.


In 1967, some likeminded young and dynamic group of social workers reorganized and renamed the society as “ The People’s Medical Relief Society ’’to cater medical services to middle and lower middle class strata of people irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


With the mission in mind, on 27th March 1971, Smt. Motiben B. Dalvi Hospital was inaugurated at the hands of the then Health Minister of the State Dr. Rafique Zakaria. The Hospital commenced its activities with 21 beds for medical and Paediatric patients manned by full time nursing and paramedical staff.
In the year 1985, Shri. Ramesh Tulsiani and his associate companies donated a sum Rs.9,60,000/- towards the entire cost of construction of additional ground floor and two upper floors in the open compound of the Hospital property. The annexe building was accordingly named as “ Shri Ramesh Tulsiani Annexe &  Medical Research Centre”


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