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Medical Services

  General Information
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Before Admission

Reservation is done for Operation Theatre / Bed or Day -Care.

Kindly get the date for the operation confirmed by the consultant.

Kindly decide your choice of room and inform the Admission & Billing Department.

The Day-Care caters to patients undergoing surgeries/procedures that do not require an overnight stay in the hospital. All minor, intermediate, major procedures eg.  Cataract with IOL etc. can be performed in the Day-Care. For more information, kindly contact your Consultant/Surgeon.

For confirming a surgery, you are requested to pay a Reservation Deposit within 72 hours ( 48 hours in case of cardiac patients) of the date of booking or one day prior to admission whichever is earlier.

Only a surgeon/consultant can cancel/postpone a surgery on medical grounds & authorize a refund. Please contact the Admission counter after cancellation.
Reservation does not confirm the bed of your choice. While all efforts will be made to give bed/class of your choice, this may not be always possible as it will depend on vacation/discharges and medical status of previous occupant.

Please present the following...

O.T. Booking form / Doctor's note for planned cases.
Reservation deposit vouchers, the balance amount or total deposit for medical / surgical cases. Deposits / Payments are to be made in Cash Credit memo / letter with billing class or Identity Card for Emergency Admission to be shown for reference.

H.H . No: if allocated either in OPD or previous admission.

Kindly bring the following...

The medicines you are currently consuming and all concerned Medical Reports and X-rays.

A list of any known allergies and sensitivities.

Personal toiletries, slippers / footwear.

After telephonic confirmation of bed, the patient may be brought to the hospital. He / She will be given a Admission Number after the formalities. Please quote the same for any enquiry.

We constantly strive to provide you a bed / room as per your needs as quickly as possible. However, sometimes you may face some delay in obtaining an allotment for which we regret any inconvenience caused to you.

At the time of admission if you have not been allocated the bed of your billing choice (higher or lower), kindly give your request in writing to the staff on duty.

Special facilities are provided for , Deluxe, Special class & credit patients. On arrival, please contact the Lobby Receptionist.

After Admission

After admission the patient can be transferred on written request to higher/lower class subject to the availability of beds. All charges shall be billed for higher class retrospectively. Every Monday ,Wednesday & Friday , you will get a statement for the amount accrued `to your account. It will be appreciated, if the same is settled within 24 hours. Please note that Admission/Security Deposit is not adjusted against these charges. All deposit receipts are made in the name of the patient.

During your stay if you have not received any intimation of amount accrued to your account, kindly contact the Billing counter.

Please provide accurate and full information about your medical problems, past medical history / medication taken. Inform the doctor or nurse of any sudden changes in your condition. Follow the treatment plan recommended by the medical practitioner.

If your patient has to undergo surgery, kindly get an O.T. Clearance Slip from the Admission/OT booking counter after clearing the outstanding and paying surgery deposit.
We request one relative to be in the room or ward during a surgery if any.

If patient is required to be transferred to the ICU/ICCU or PICU, the room/bed that patient was occupying prior to the transfer is to be vacated by the attendants.

During the stay of the patient, if an additional deposit requested has not been cleared, the hospital reserves the right to transfer/discharge the patient on Administrative ground.

Please wear hospital clothes throughout your stay in the hospital.

Help in keeping the number of visitors and the noise levels low. We issue only one pass for an attendant in shared / common wards and two passes for Special, Deluxe & classes.

Please respect hospital and personal property.

Sparing use of Mobile phones will be appreciated.

Consumption of alcohol, smoking and chewing of tobacco is prohibited.

Home food may be permitted on "medical grounds". Attendant's meals can be provided in the hospital at extra cost.

We don't allow outside pillows, blankets, etc. as they may be a source of infection. Visitors are not permitted to sleep on the floor.

Patients can be transferred to any other hospital / government hospital / nursing home in case of non-payment or any other administrative reason, or only if nursing care is required.
Discharge of patient would be authorised as per doctor's opinion


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