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Medical Services

  General Information
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General Information

  • If you have a mediclaim policy, you are required to approach the Company directly for reimbursement of your bills for which you will need.

    • The final bill.
    • The detail bill.
    • The discharge card and 
    • Narrative summary.

The final and detail bill will be given by cashier on settlement of dues. The discharge card will be given by the ward nurse at the time of discharge.

  • There are 1.5 times emergency charges for Pathology & Imaging Services performed during non-regular hours (Normal working hours are from 12 noon to 12 noon Monday to Saturday.)

  • We accept "On Account Deposit" which can be utilised for indoor services.

  • The bed charges are calculated from .00 a.m. to .00 a.m. irrespective of the time of admission.

  • All patients for admission are requested to sign a declaration for payment as per the hospital charges.

  • There is no surcharge on the hospital bill, however all foreign nationals and NRIs will be levied 25% surcharge on the gross bill.

  • We do not encourage patient's relatives to stay overnight with patient's in shared rooms/wards.

  • . Only the billing department processes all inpatient payments.

  • Our pharmacy provides all the medicines for inpatients. We do not permit medicines & consumables from outside.

  • Charity provision is made available for unaffording patients.

  • We provide care with dignity, consideration and respect for privacy / confidentiality.

  • The names of all professionals / staff are displayed on name plates worn on the uniform, if you have any clarification regarding any procedure, you may contact them.

  • To help us serve you better kindly spare your valuable time to fill up the feedback form, to enable us to give quality healthcare.

  • Children below 15 years are not permitted at patient areas / bed side

Additional Visitor's Pass: 

One additional visitor’s pass (am-pm) per patient is issued by the security department  The requisition should be recommended by R.M.O / Medical Superintendent only. Renewal requires fresh recommendation on the form  the treating consultant.

Kindly bring the original pass issued during admission, for renewal of additional pass.

  • The Visitor's Pass is "Not Transferable" & if found with any other person then the person whose name is on the pass; the pass will be confiscated & a fine will be imposed.

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