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Medical Services

  General Information
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  • The hospital kitchen is equipped to serve well balanced vegetarian meals.
  • Special diets, will be served as prescribed.
  • All meals are planned and their preparation supervised by trained and competent dieticians.
  • Do not get any food from outside or leave food anywhere, as this attracts pests.
  • Meals are not served to visitors but meals for patient's attendants can be arranged. Such meals are charged for separately.
  • Request for attendant's meal should be made to the nurse, on arrival.


  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking, chewing gum and spitting is prohibited.
  • A hygienic environment is essential for your health, help us to maintain our standard.
  • Keep the toilets clean & dry.
  • Use the dustbins for disposal of any waste.
  • We take pride in serving you. Giving tips is prohibited.
  • Attendants of median class patients may collect Bed Sheets from 00 floor West Wing from am - pm & pm - pm. These are to be returned at the time of discharge or a charge will be levied.

Clothes & Linen

  • It is mandatory that patients wear hospital clothes.
  • The hospital has its in-house laundry where the clothes & linen are washed and sterilised.
  • Please help us to conserve sterilised linen.
  • For any additional requirement of linen, you may contact the ward nurse.

Utility Maintenance Services

  • In case of any electrical defaults with the light, switches, A/C or any electrical items, contact the nurse on duty for assistance.
  • Do not attempt to shift or repair any electrical item.
  • Do not touch the oxygen & suction pump equipment.
  • Do not change the setting of the thermostat knobs.
  • To maintain the temperature in the rooms, do not open any windows as it affects the air conditioning.
  • Use of mobile phones is restricted in patient related areas


  • Television facilities are provided in, Deluxe and rooms..
  • Television sets are tuned to receive various satellite channels between . am & .p.m. Please do not change the settings.
  • In case of any inconvenience, please contact the sister incharge of the wards.

Patient Relation Department (PRD)

  • The PRO is located on the first floor next to the office.
  • It facilitates patients to avail the benefits of charity based on economic criteria and affordability.
  • It also acts as a grievance redressal cell of the hospital. In case you have any feedback, appreciation, complaint, you may contact the department.

General Information

The Dalvi Clinic offers consultations, diagnostic services, health checks and treatment facilities. It is located on the 1st floor Tulsiani wing building of the Hospital. We have over 27 disciplines and 90 consultants. 

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